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Goldenlotuspress.com » ‘S.Prophecy 1 – Rajuna’ – The Best Fantasy/Young-adult Novel You Need To Read This Month
Home ‘S.Prophecy 1 – Rajuna’ – The Best Fantasy/Young-adult Novel You Need To Read This Month

‘S.Prophecy 1 – Rajuna’ – The Best Fantasy/Young-adult Novel You Need To Read This Month

‘S.Prophecy 1 – Rajuna’ – The Best Fantasy/Young-adult Novel You Need To Read This Month


If you love books featuring superheroes, villains, and demoniac creatures then you definitely need to read S.Prophecy 1Rajuna. This is the first in a series of fantasy novels by Ishan, an upcoming author whose name will soon be discussed in many literary circles. The story features the characters of Rajuna, Sattva, Mahadeva Siva and others who have dedicated their lives to justice and bringing peace to Earth and the Lower Heavens. The antagonist in this story is Krozan, a mighty titan warrior, who possesses immense dark-power.

The superpowers, wraths and battles maintain the action of the book, while a sprinkling of humor and precious moments add color. Our heroes, Rajuna and Sattva, are united as warriors in a brotherhood against the occult powers of Krozan, the arch enemy of the superhumans. But at the same time there is another thread being unwound.

Rajuna travels to the planet of Ghosts to meet with Mahadeva in an attempt to discover the history of his saintly father whom Rajuna has never met. The search his father however, is not the only thing happening in this wonderfully descriptive fantasy world. From his Grandfather, Rajuna learns of his destiny, which is of epic proportions.

His weakness of being part-human stands between victory or defeat, and we follow his arc of progression as the story moves. If Rajuna can overcome his obstacles and follow the instructions of his new military teacher, Mahadeva, he is in with a chance, but the question is; can his impulsive nature be conquered?

The plot of this well-articulated fable has its origins in the classics of the East. And I must say, the author does a wonderful job of combining the legends of India with his unique modern and insightful imagination. The result is nothing short of an amazing supernatural fantasy that has you on the edge of your seat at every turn of the page.

The story continues with Sattva leaving the planet of the Ghosts to protect the Emperor and his father in a battle with Krozan. Rajuna is forbidden to go by his master, but his passion to protect his loved ones creates a situation wherein he is burning with anguish. Although major disappointment is growing within him, he is comforted by two friends from the community of ghosts. Though together their plan seems to be going nowhere, in the end the ferocious Goddess Kali, wife of Siva, steps in to reveal a method to slay their enemy and prevent an ominous battle-threat of cosmic proportions.

The intriguing storyline keeps you on the edge while desperately turning the pages to discover the outcome of events, along with the development and psychological emotions of the protagonist, Rajuna. The knowledge, visions, strengths, and weaknesses embedded within the pages play a major part in shaping this make-believe world into one that you get caught up in from start to finish. This is why it is considered as the best good reads of the month, to be found on Amazon, Barns & Noble, Lulu and other online stores.

Basically, this popular novel lets you explore the supernatural world of superhumans, angels, demons, titans, demigods  and more – creating a virtual heavenly reality in which you will sympathize with the leading characters and want to avenge their enemies. Unveiling mystic-feelings, intrigue, and rationality is one of the key facets to our involvement of empathy within this story, and one which will make this book a possible best seller. It has a definite thumbs-up from me.

In the genre of fantasy, this book certainly turned my head, and I’m sure it will impress many others—a highly recommended read.

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