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Fantasy Novel to release in January 2016

Fantasy Novel to release in January 2016


January 24th 2016, a marked date when debut novelist, Ishan, releases his Young Adult/Fantasy novel, S.Prophecy 1 – Rajuna. Although a debut novel, S.Propehcy is polished and full of prose and poetic descriptions. Early reviewers have marked this book as one of the books to watch in the 2016 best sellers list.

S.Prophecy 1 centers on Rajuna, a part mortal part heavenly warrior, and Sattva, his warrior unlcle. The pair are caught up in an otherworldly conflict of epic proportions. Charged with the task of defeating one of the most powerful demons ever known to the super-humans, their intrepid journey leads them to a new level of intense warrior training. Although Rajuna lives in a heavenly abode, his father is a saint living on Earth. Dearly wanting to know more about his father, who has been absent from his life, he enters onto an actionfilled and emotional journey. Meeting Mahadeva, the god of gods, Rajuna learns of a curse that separated his father’s family into good and evil. An evil that Rajuna must now destroy.

The novel mixes action, philosophy, and family bonds to create a story that will linger in your mind and shape how you view the universe. Constantly raising the stakes as the characters develop, stirs the imagination into a broader view of life. Described as a modern day magician, Ishan’s concocted a potion of to capture your attention. The book is already garnering praise from seasoned authors and early reviewers. It appears that Rajuna and Sattva are set to capture the heart of many.

To learn more about the series, and the author, please visit his website at www.sprophecy.net


The book takes young readers on a journey into a fantasy world where the fate of the world is at stake.



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