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Our Story

Necessity is the mother of invention. When need is coupled with mercy and knowledge the emanation brought forth, with effort, extends one’s reach.

The need was welling up within, bursting to escape. Trapped in the windowless prison house of the evil Kamsa, the flame of knowledge was smothered. Darkness however, is no match for light, thus the small flame eventually broke its bonds, setting a blazing fire within.

  • Q) What contributed this need?
  • A) Mercy was the contributing factor.
  • Q) How did this mercy come, and through whom?
  • A) This particular mercy came through a living representative, it moved through him just as it moves through us. And how it came was through unknown magic.

The wise understand that love moves faster than light, for love is the desire behind light’s effulgence. That love, which travels between two separate entities while at the same time being the joining principle of everyone and everything, descends as the principle of mercy.

Although love is effortlessness in action, at the same time it breeds, multiplies, and expands its reach. Needing to fulfil its vocation it searches a suitable candidate and manifests within him via the mystic potency of he who represents the Great One. With the insertion of Divine intervention in the formula of life, the prison house of the body is illuminated with knowledge and the field of activities becomes the entire universe. This unlocks the seven doors to freedom. With the shackles of darkness removed, one can see things “As They Are” and one knows for sure that everyone must share in knowledge.

This is our story in prose, and we hope to share it with you as our mission at Golden Lotus Press.

To give and receive the gift of knowledge is how one spirit soul helps another. To serve is therefore the only thing worthwhile in this endless ocean of dangerous animals in the guise of people.